Project Description

Siddha Medicine

The Siddha medical system was established in South India. It is reported that Siddha is more than 10,000 years old. Siddha is not as popular as Ayurveda and still little-known abroad. Siddha differs a little from Ayurveda in terms of concepts, materia medica and practices. In contrast to Ayurveda, however, Siddha texts are written in Tamil and are attributed to a class of Yogis or Cittarkal. This medicine is practiced in Tamil Nadu, in other Indian states, as well as in Asian countries with a significant Tamil community.

The association of Siddha with Tamil identity is clearly expressed in the discourses of Siddha practitioners and Tamils. This anchoring of identity, supplemented with the awakened interest in traditional medicines, contributes to the revival of Siddha.

We work closely with experienced Siddha practitioners to provide access to affordable, high-quality treatment for common diseases and ailments to the rural population. We run various awareness and education programs for SHG, schools and young adults, with the aim of teaching the locals how to identify herbs, how to set up their own herbal gardens, and how to prepare medicines. The promotion of plant formulations is strongly linked to the preservation of rich biosphere, a further focus of our efforts.